Message from the President

The Aletheia Institute of North America is proud to host this site.

Several public, media and member services are built into this site, including our Founding Member, Board of Regents and member search. This is an electronic membership directory of lawyers, trial consultants and forensic experts throughout the US and Canada. The Aletheia Marketplace is a collection of links to those companies who provide a product or service to our members.

Aletheia or ?λ?θεια means “The Ultimate or Final Truth.” The Aletheia Institute is committed to promoting Truth in advocacy, Full Disclosure in discovery, and a Fair Measure of Justice to all litigants. We are helping educate the trial bar and forensic experts to recognize and rebut “junk science,” those who promote it, and those who seek to thwart discovery rules and deny a fair measure of justice to the public. Our upcoming workshops and news conferences seminars are on the site at the Calendar of Events page. We are also committed to helping the media and educating members of the public.

Be sure to go through our entire site and please give us your feedback.
Thank you for visiting with us.

Howard Nations, Esquire
President, The Aletheia Institute