MISSION: “Truth in Advocacy, Full Disclosure, and Fair Measure of Justice”

  • A non-political, neutral, independent North American organization of the highly qualified, and honorable trial lawyers, legal educators, forensic experts and trial/jury consultants
  • Our lawyer and forensic expert members lecture, teach and write for their fellow professionals and professional associations.
  • Our members practice and support the honest presentation of scientific facts and opinions.
  • We practice and support full and non-abusive disclosure in discovery
  • We seek and support a fair and unrestricted measure of justice for all.
  • The Institute serves the professional needs of all lawyer and forensic expert members in US and Canada
  • The Institute provides practical and prompt litigation and office practice support, technical and legal research, case/trial and discovery consulting, jury selection/communication assistance to members at no or reduced costs. 
  • The Institute helps save substantial time and expenses for members.
  • The Institute helps lawyer members to assist clients to rebut false accusations; expose and support vigorous prosecution and sanctions for fraud, dishonesty and discovery abuses in litigation.
  • The Institute aids legal and forensic writers and lecturers to create, prepare and research writing and speaking engagements; assists forensic experts and non-lawyer trial consultants with an ongoing source of referrals and accredited references of their work in future publications and lectures.
  • The Institute aids and supports forensic experts to rebut junk science; helps the judiciary “search for truth” in discovery, trials and jury selection to guarantee fair and impartial trials for honest litigants.
  • Finally, The Institute supplies public news media and the public with factual news releases to illustrate the “best” examples of Truth in Advocacy and also awaken public awareness to frivolous defenses, lack of candor and dirty tricks in civil cases.

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