The mission of the Aletheia Institute is:
  • We practice and support full and no abusive discovery
  • We practice and suport the honest presentation of facts and opinions.
  • We are a non-political, neutral, independent North American organization of trial lawyers, legal educators, forensic experts and trial/jury consultants.
  • We supply the media and public with factual news releases to illustrate the best examples of truthful advocacy, frivolous claims or defenses, and dirty tricks in civil cases.
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Join us for a Mediterranean Dinner   

Thursday, April 7th

  (after 2nd day of NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar) 

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm 

Limited Seating

Sofia's Restaurant

9314 Amherst Avenue, Margate


ELANA  Financial & Settlement Architects





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Please welcome our sponsor, Maryland Clinical Diagnostics. Our new sponsor addresses the problem of accurately differentiating individuals with valid complaints of pain from ones who are malingering, faking or exaggerating, former faculty members at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine developed a verbal test – the MCD Pain Validity Test™ – which was originally validated on 796 chronic pain patients, with results published in seven peer-reviewed articles in medical journals.     


Please welcome Maryland Clinical Diagnostics and visit their website to learn more about all of their services. 

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