• Regular networking and communication with hundreds of ethical and competent trial attorneys, trial consultants, and forensic experts throughout the US and Canada.
  • Regular networking and communication with vetted trial consultants with litigation experience in venues throughout North America.
  • Regular networking with vetted forensic experts in medicine, engineering, economics, electronic discovery, and the communication arts and sciences.
  • Free live video workshops and communication with nationally respected trial consultants. 
  • Free live video workshops with respected forensic experts and trial lawyers.
  • Passworded access to Ai website, national deposition banks, and links 
  • List Server Programs - general membership and specialty lists.
  • Ongoing participation in exposing junk science, frivolous claims and defenses, abusive discovery tactics.
  • Ongoing participation in the sharing of factual information to the media and the education of the public as to junk science, frivolous claims and defenses, and abusive discovery tactics.
  • Access to TrialSmith - the trial bar's best resource for investigating and impeaching experts.
  • Access to Fastcase - all 50-states and federal courts included with TrialSmith subscription.
  • Substantial discounts on video conferencing systems to save time and expenses of litigation and forensic practice.
  • Email and fax alerts regarding the latest scientific and legal rebuttals of junk and frivolous claims/defenses and calls for action.
  • Access to Courtroom Connect’s North American network for video depositions and meetings.
  • Discounted services through our Ai Founding Sponsors and Business Partners.
  • Discounted services and books for lawyers and forensic experts from Thomson West.
  • EClips List Serve Service -- Breaking news on national litigation and trends.

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