Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. is a full-service forensic engineering and scientific firm established in 1969. From the beginning CESI has served as expert witnesses for both plaintiff and defense firms by assisting them with the technical aspects of their litigation matters.  Specifically, we have assisted our clients by objectively evaluating the technical strengths and weaknesses of their individual cases. Through the years we have added different and uncommon technical disciplines to our areas of expertise, such as:  Industrial Hygiene, Security, Physical Fitness/Training, and Toxicology to augment our highly-skilled areas of Premises, Product, and Construction Liability, as well as Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, and Fire Origin and Cause Determination.


As an introduction to Aletheia we would like to spotlight the following experts:


Ronald J. Cohen, P.E. – Vice President & Civil Engineer

Ron Cohen has been with CESI for over 20 years.  He has worked with clients on hundreds of cases involving Premises Liability, Structural Design, Building Code Violations, and Pedestrian Accidents.  For 20 years before joining CESI, he worked in various areas of civil engineering, including structural design buildings, parking lots, and pedestrian walkways. In addition, Mr. Cohen also operated a home inspection business for nearly 10 years.


Michael E. Goldberg, CIH – Certified Industrial Hygienist

Michael Goldberg started with CESI in 2015. Prior to CESI he worked as an Industrial Hygienist for 20 years. His experience includes:  healthcare (hospitals), universities, and industry. In industry he worked with food processing, metal fabrication, ink and dye production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  At CESI Mr. Goldberg evaluates matters involving Workplace Safety, Noise Exposure Assessment, Premises Liability (including walking surfaces), Construction Safety, OSHA Compliance, Hazardous Materials Handling, and Indoor Air Quality (mold and chemicals).


Andrés J. Calderón, Ph.D. – Biomechanical/Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Calderón started with CESI in 2000. Prior he had been employed by the University of Pennsylvania as a researcher and lecturer in Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering.  At CESI Dr. Calderón evaluates matters involving Accident Reconstruction, Occupant Dynamics, Premises Liability, Construction Accidents, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems, Recreational Facilities, and Amusement Park Rides.