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Remote Counsel “Public Room” Rentals

One of CC’s truly unique services is the scheduling and management of our Remote Counsel Network of video conference centers worldwide, available for rent by the hour, and designed to accommodate participants that do not have video conferencing equipment.

The Remote Counsel Network is comprised of over 300 video conference equipped suites at the leading court reporting firms in the US. These firms not only provide the quality and privacy you would expect but can also provide the specialized services you may require e.g. court reporting, videographers, oath administration, etc… all at discounted rates for AI members.

Additionally, CC has affiliations with over 1000 public video conference centers worldwide. By simply logging into AI’s private page on CC’s Remote Counsel Website, you can search for rooms to host participants by city or zip code and schedule your event or our customer services professionals can assist you with locating, scheduling and managing your particular needs.


Remote Counsel Room Rental Rates

  business hours after hours
Remote Counsel Network Sites


$175 - $200

Affiliated Sites $175-$250/hr Call for after hour or international rates.